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699 Lt 599 Lt
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LG KU990i
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Nokia 2610
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Nokia 2720 Fold
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Attention! We‘ve opened a new point of service and sales in Kalvariju 52 str., Vilnius. Just by the bus stop “Kalvariju Turgus” You are very welcome to visit us there.

We remind you that we can sell your goods on a COMMISSION basis! We finance interesting business offers and refinance loans. We work as cash loan brokers (from 1% monthly interest).

We can re-buy your good at other pawnshop by offering you a better deal.

We buy goods in Kaunas and Klaipeda now.


We render pawn shop services: give cash loans against the pawned property of commercial value (cars, building tools, jewelry, computers, mobile phones, office equipment, home appliances and real estate).

Visit us at the address: Kalvarijų/Turgaus st. 59a, Vilnius,Žemynos g. 18, Vilnius (PC "Kubas") and Kalvarijų str. 52, Vilnius (bus stop “Kalvariju turgus”) where you will find various goods.

Goods can be sent to all towns and cities! WE ARE OPEN 24 HOURS!

Besides we repair and buy
mobile phones and computers.

Mobile phone (8 630) 00 003, (8 659) 26 705, (8 690) 20 001 or office phone (8 5) 273 0603.

E-mail: lombas24@gmail.com


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